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D-Panel Basic PV 50-16pcs - 1010538

A fully recyclable acoustic panel, consisting of polyester wool, with acoustic and thermal insulating characteristics. (finished with non-woven on 1 side)

Length 1.000 mm
Width 600 mm
Thickness 50 mm
0,6 m²
Density 20 kg/m³
Packaging 16 st/karton
Basic material polyester wool
Confirmation Dispersion glue
Product type Basic panel - plate
Colour Black
Insulation category Airborne noise
Application domain wall / ceiling
Sound domain Room acoustics
Absorption Coefficient αw (EN ISO 11654) 0,75
Noise Reduction Coefficient - NRC (ASTM C423) 0.88
Thermal Insulation Value / Conductivity λ10, tr 0.040 W/mK

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