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Plano 50 1250x625 - white - 1010217

Acoustic panel in melamine foam, to be glued on walls/ceilings.

PLANO offers excellent absorption values - both in low and high frequency ranges. In addition to being environmentally friendly, PLANO distinguishes itself primarily by its low weight, variable plate sizes and element thicknesses, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The panel can easily be cut with a sharp knife. The subsequent bonding is done with the aid of a fire-resistant silicone glue. An optimum appearance is achieved by gluing the panels with a shadow gap of at least 20 mm.

For spaces where a low weight and minimum construction height are required, PLANO is the ideal alternative to other sound absorption systems.

Length 1.250 mm
Width 625 mm
Thickness 50 mm
0,78 m²
Density 9,5 kg/m³
Packaging 13st/karton
Basic material Melamine foam
Confirmation Silicone glue
Product type Basic panel - plate
Colour White
Application domain wall / ceiling
Sound domain Room acoustics
Absorption Coefficient αw (EN ISO 11654) 0,75
Compressive strength (EN 196-1 / ISO 3386-1) 6-11 kPa
Elongation at break (EN ISO 1798) 15-29 %
Hygiene & Maintenance vrij van kunstmatige en natuurlijke minerale vezels, halogenen en CFK's
Length-specific current resistance 8-20 kNs/m4
Long-term temperature stability 180 °C
Noise Reduction Coefficient - NRC (ASTM C423) 0.83
ShortTermTemperatureStability 220 °C
Tensile strength (EN ISO 1798) 120-180 kPa
Thermal Insulation Value / Conductivity λ10, tr < 0,035 W/mK
Vapor diffusion resistance (DIN 52 615) 1-2

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